Hi, I’m Jordan - avid reader, aspiring writer, and lover of all things food (except washing dishes).

I was born with a book in one hand and a fork in the other. Food and books are my two favorite things and so this website is dedicated to their propagation.

When I was a child the most effective disciplinary technique my parents employed was to restrict my reading material. Didn’t clean your room? No more books till it’s done. Mouth off? No books today. I’m delighted to report there are indications that I will be able to use the same methods with my munchkins when they get older. 
If I had to choose a favorite genre? Historical fiction, but I enjoy many other genres as well, including nonfiction and children’s books, so you will find a broad sampling of reviews and recommendations.

The unavoidable result of all that reading was that I would someday say to myself, “You know, I could write something like this.” And so when I’m not reading or cooking or spending time with my sweet family, I write.

As deeply ingrained as my love of reading is, cooking is right up there with it. I love to cook and bake and, most of all, to sample my creations and present them for others to try. Nothing puts wind in my sails more than, “This is delicious! You have got to give me the recipe.”
Now all my favorites will be right here for one and all to enjoy.


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